Take Home Packs
Treatzza Pizzas


The perfect on the go treat!

Buster Bar*
Dilly Bar*(Hand Dipped in Butterscotch, Cherry or Chocolate)
Dilly Bar (Chocolate Mint, No Sugar Added, Heath)
DQ Chipper Sandwich*
DQ Sandwich*
Monkey Tail*
Mr. Maltie*
Star Kiss (Cherry or Stars and Stripes)
Fudge Bar (No Sugar Added Item)
Vanilla Orange Bar (No Sugar Added Item)

Take Home Packs

You can turn your freezer into a Dairy Queen store! We have Take Home Pack special prices every day!

Pint of Soft Serve* (Chocolate, Twist or Vanilla)
Quart of Soft Serve* (Chocolate, Twist or Vanilla) (Buy 2 and save $1.50!)
6 Pack of Buster Bars* (Save $4.00!)
6 Pack of Hand Dipped Dilly Bars* (Hand Dipped in Butterscotch, Cherry or Chocolate)(Save $3.00!)
6 Pack of Dilly Bars (Chocolate Mint No Sugar Added, Heath) (Save $2.50!)
6 Pack of Chipper Sandwiches* (Save $4.00)
6 Pack of DQ Sandwiches* (Save $3.00!)
6 Pack of Monkey Tails* (Buy 5/6th one is free!)
7 Pack of Mr. Malties* (Buy 6/7th one is free!)
6 Pack of NSA Fudge Bars (Save $2.50!)
6 Pack of NSA Vanilla Orange Bars (Save $2.50!)

Treatzza Pizzas

Made fresh in our store and we cut them into 8 slices!


Choco Brownie
M & M
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

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